Cashmere Pashminas the ‘King of Fibers’?

cashmere pashmina

The Origin Story of a Pashmina

Do you want a pashmina? If yes then know about our delectable product before buying one.

The word itself is royal enough to overwhelm you with its soft texture and warm fabric. But, do you know how this exquisite drapery came into existence and what it takes to make one piece of pashmina? Or, even the meaning of pashmina or the word ‘scarf’?

While in French, scarf means ‘chance’, in German and Italian, a scarf is called ‘shall’ and ‘scialle’ respectively.

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The Principles Of Parachuting

A falling parachute is subject to two influences:
Gravity (land attraction)
The resistance of the air

Basically, we can assume that the influence of gravity depends only on the mass of the parachute and its equipment. We will ignore the variation of the earth’s attraction as a function of altitude.
The resistance of the air is more complex to describe; It depends on many factors, and the resultant of its action is not always the same.


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