Cashmere Pashminas the ‘King of Fibers’?

cashmere pashmina

The Origin Story of a Pashmina

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The word itself is royal enough to overwhelm you with its soft texture and warm fabric. But, do you know how this exquisite drapery came into existence and what it takes to make one piece of pashmina? Or, even the meaning of pashmina or the word ‘scarf’?

While in French, scarf means ‘chance’, in German and Italian, a scarf is called ‘shall’ and ‘scialle’ respectively.

Cashmere and its eloquence…

For more than thousand years now, the finest artisans of cashmere are hand spinning these masterpieces and creating such articulate tokens of sophistication. Subsequently, elegant and gorgeous pashmina scarves have become a wardrobe embellishment for all.

Pashmina manufacturers source raw materials from an altitude of 12,000 feet in Kashmir valley to create these attractive pieces. Thus, from local Kashmiri corners to the English royal households, cashmere pashmina has made its way to almost all the closets in this world!

In reality, nobilities along with queens and kings adorned pashminas, and they were the only one who could afford such a luxury. Today, possessing a genuine piece of pashmina is a dream for most women. Even though, it’s not a luxurious accessory anymore, getting your hands on a real piece is a rare phenomenon! You can indefinitely believe in our products for that.

Getting wrapped in pashmina!

Pashmina derives its term from pashm. It’s special wool from a goat breed named Capra Hircus, an indigenous species of the Himalayan regions. Pashm is, therefore, the animal-hair that forms its undercoat and is often referred to as the ‘King of fibers’.

A fav among all for its warmth and fineness, cashmere is sometimes used interchangeably for exceptionally soft wool. However, fabrics derived from Kashmiri goats are the true kinds of cashmere only. Consequently, its luxurious fiber commands high prices in the fashion world.

A timeless piece of accessory!

The world is seeing men and women adorning cashmere scarves since the 14th century in Persia. Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, the fashion industry changed significantly with the introduction of pashminas. This versatile and graceful neck and shoulder cloaks made of smooth silk fibers have become a favorite for all the millennial fashion lovers.

That’s primarily because of its 100% natural content. Also, it exudes an inherent charm when women embellish themselves with one of those striking pashmina beauties.

Pashmina and the on-going wedding trend

As the fashion industry is looking for different ways to wear a pashmina, the recent trend it has adopted is matching variants of pashmina with wedding attire. Brides and bridesmaids are wearing pashmina to create unique wedding looks!

Using pashmina as wedding wraps and, thus, upgrading your wedding dress is a smart way of adding some quirk to your wardrobe on the most special day of your life.

Pashmina as a parting gift for your special guests is also increasingly becoming a unique way of making weddings memorable. No one can forget a gift THAT expensive, come on!

And, for everyday style, there can be no other accessory better than a neutral toned or black pashmina.

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