Dual Eagle – Is Bungee Jumping Really A Sport?

Is Bungee Jumping Really A Sport?

or is it:

Bungee Jumping – The Non-Sport?

A few days ago, Australian Beau Retallick beat a bizarre world record by bouncing 158 times in 24 hours, seven more jumps than the previous holder. In fact, Retallick, who achieved this prowess in Japan, jumped 178 times in succession, but 21 of those attempts were not homologated as deemed non-compliant

Obviously, for him, given this unbridled pace, bungee jumping is a sport. This is not the case in France, where discipline is considered as a leisure activity under the Ministry of Youth and Sports (and Women’s Rights and the City if the whole denomination Of this ministry of the cock-to-the-anon). There is, for example, no French championship bungee jumping (or bungee [y] as the insiders say).

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